About Robert Kime

'In a funny way, I'd never thought of myself as, I still don't, actually, as a decorator. I don't see it as anything different from what I do all the time anyway, so it doesn't seem to be a job, it's just something that I can do and have always done.' - Robert Kime

About Robert Kime
Whilst studying Medieval History at Worcester College, Oxford, Robert found himself selling antiques to his professors and dons, travelling every week to the surrounding towns buying furniture and accessories to sell out of his rooms in his college - thus establishing his future career.

Embracing a passion for travel, throughout his life — Egypt, Israel, Italy, France and Turkey were frequented. When abroad he believed that everyone had their role to play, to be “part of the local-ness” and he set to work on that upon arrival. This meant he returned home with his tales and occasionally, an object to tell his story. Very subtle experiences were impactful and shared with delight. From archaeological digs in Masada to the simple act of buying a headscarf he admired from a woman on a hot and dusty bus journey, he was making friends for life along the way. 
At home, antique dealing was later joined by interior decoration (a title to which Robert never subscribed, though his projects say otherwise) eventually developing a Collection of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories based on his always-evolving archive or inspired by favourite objects and experiences.

As a dealer, Robert bought things, for himself or for the business, purely because he liked them. This is where and how he continued to tell his story. Always with the object or the design, backed up with deep learning or curiosity. He could sell something he loved, confident that one day, he might have the opportunity to acquire it again. However, there were items that became so associated with Robert, that they moved from house to house always finding pride of place, always telling their story.

Robert Kime, 1946 - 2022

'The beautiful and surprising always lurk in the Kime labyrinth: the rare, the charming, battered beauties, all ingredients that might make rooms dance and smile.'
- Christopher Gibbs, House & Garden

About Robert Kime
Robert Kime Portrait (2021) - Catherine Goodman