As always, the goal of every Robert Kime Design project is to convey a sense of place, colour, pattern and comfort within the context of the architecture and a client's lifestyle.

A touchstone of our interior decoration work is to create a sense
of safety; a place where past and present unite and interesting design
takes on a timeless effect that resonates today.

How we work
How we work
How we work

Robert Kime Design, led by Orlando Atty and Claire Jackson, both trained by Robert, deliver projects large and small in the UK and abroad.

Interior Design and Decoration
Project Management
Antique Sourcing and Curation
Budget Planning and Management
Technical Planning for Services

How we work

Robert Kime Design is skilled in their ability to scale the design, team, and process to suit the framework and practical goals of their interior design projects, including the key elements of schedule and budget.

We focus on the goal of creating an environment that reflects the interests and tastes of the client. With over 35 years of collective experience, Robert Kime Design infuses projects of all sizes with the Robert Kime signature sensibility and atmosphere.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and look forward to hearing from you.

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Robert Kime Design discusses
history, approach and sensibility...

How we work

Robert Kime Founder

"My enthusiasm around interior design grew out of a fascination with history and art; the idea being that a juxtaposition of elements makes for original and interesting rooms. Design projects today are the same as always - part interpretation, part reading between the lines, and part intuition."  - 2021

How we work

Orlando Atty Managing Director

"Harnessing the integrity of Robert's approach to interior design, we realise that we don't really have a lot of rules. Instead we do what feels right for the room, the house and of course, the client. It all has to balance - just like shopping for antiques - there's the history and the tangible effect today - they have to add up."

How we work

Claire Jackson Head of Projects

"Since joining Robert in 2000 I learned from him that every house has an identity. Now, as then, we work hard to see how each client can get the most out of their home. No matter the size of the project, everything we do is for a reason which is satisfying for both client and designer, making for good communication and an enduring sensibility."

How we work

Billie Worrall-Thompson Project Manager

"I am fascinated by the depth and scope of the projects at Robert Kime Design and I focus on the layering of colour, pattern and quality craftsmanship to design comfortable homes, rich with character. Delving into our array of antique fabrics and collectables and working with client's tastes and visions, allows us to create unique, timeless interiors."

How we work

Shaun Lovering Specialist Decorator

"I’ve been working with Robert Kime Design since 1998, adding the layers of decorative work that speaks to their sensibility of comfort and ease. While our work is often in period homes and listed properties, I use the same approach in all projects - creating a fine-tuned series of finishes that work well with the broader schemes, which in the end look as if we have never been there."

Emma Aird
Project Administrator

Mark Waring-Jones

Mark Waring-Jones
Finance Manager