Robert Kime, uniquely amongst interior designers, rose to eminence in the profession via antique dealing, textile collecting and a passion for putting rooms together in a way that reflects a sense of place and suitability.

About US
From left, in 2019, Claire Jackson, Robert Kime, Orlando Atty
A lifelong interest in rugs and textiles frequently admired or collected for the story they may tell, made robust appearances in Robert's homes and projects. Having decorated some of England's foremost houses, with an air of natural permanence, his large stock of antique textiles started to dwindle. This led Robert to begin designing his own fabrics in 1983, a practice that has carried on since, based on his extensive archive and sourcing of document pieces. The collection today continues to bring together Robert's vast knowledge and personal document archive and his passion for travel, antique dealing, and decoration, to create a beautiful and broad range for designers and enthusiasts alike.

Today, Robert Kime Limited is based in Ebury Street, London and Marlborough, Wiltshire. The company, under the leadership of Managing Director Orlando Atty embodies the broad and unique sensibility of Robert Kime.

Placing an emphasis on the experiential, Robert and Orlando worked together seamlessly, for 10 years, with an inherent understanding of suitability and intuition to source antiques, rugs, textiles and art that sit perfectly alongside our collection of fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and lighting. 

The same approach, of experience, suitability and interest, is shared by our Projects Team. With, collectively, over 35 years together, the team, led by Claire Jackson, delivers the interior decoration ethos for which Robert Kime was known. The design philosophy is unwavering, allowing both client and designer to centre on answering the most essential question - how does the client want to live? The ability to deliver an environment that reflects the interests and tastes of the client and their desire for a comfortable house is at the heart of the Kime reputation. Embracing the three strands of Robert's expertise as an antiques dealer, textile and fabric collector and interior designer, our decorating projects of all sizes and styles continue to combine our signature atmosphere of comfort and ease for a worldwide clientele.