Start With a Rug

Buy what you love.

Recently, late one morning at Ebury Street, Robert and Orlando discussed one of the strongest tenets of the Kime approach - the rug. Together, they have suggested rugs they particularly adore and how to put them to use.

Photography by ©Simon Griffiths, Book: British Designers at Home by ©Jenny Rose-Innes
Photography by ©Simon Griffiths, Book: British Designers at Home by ©Jenny Rose-Innes
"I don't look at trends" Robert states, "but purchase what I discover and love. When I first went to Turkey, I was about 16 years old and it was purely to travel and discover. One of my favourite places was a tiny textile and rug shop in the Grand Bazaar, half the size of my office now, just filled with wonderful items, but so modest. The owners now have a larger shop, and it is still full of treasures. We try to visit them at least once a year to see what they have found."

"Starting a room with a rug helps you set the tone for a room and allows one to see how the room will evolve" says Orlando. "It can really help visualise the end result, so it is important to get that right near the beginning of the process."

Photography by ©Simon Griffiths, Book: British Designers at Home by ©Jenny Rose-Innes
Photography by ©Simon Griffiths, Book: British Designers at Home by ©Jenny Rose-Innes
Robert has purchased and sold many of his own rugs over the years, "...but there are a few I would never part with" he adds. "One is a small rug I have in my study in London. I found it in an Oxfam shop in Oxford and cost me £6. It may be small, but I love it. Another purchase I adore is the Oushak in my drawing room. I bought it in New York and it took 18 months to be restored in Turkey. It dates from the 16th Century so it was an important rug for the restorers as well. It is a great rarity as you don't see many carpets like it. The design is wonderful and was made during a very important time in Islamic history."

"When you start with a rug, start with one that you like and are drawn to" notes Orlando. "Kilims are great if you are starting a collection or as a base. They provide a lot of colour but are easy to work up from. However, we have a great selection of Oushak, Konya and Heriz carpets in our store and showroom and will help clients find what works best for the space"

A Sharkoy Kilim, Circa 1860

"This is a great Kilim from Western Turkey. Woven in the Balkan region called Thrace. It has a wonderful soft palette and to have the yellows, browns and greens together is quite rare." - Robert
"This would be particularly good for a study or a bedroom. Would brighten up a room and add a good layer of interest." - Orlando 

A Mid 19th Century Caucasian Carpet, Circa 1840

"This is a lovely rug, it is in great condition as well. The design is often referred to as The Barber Pole, and is a traditional design dating back to before the end of the 19th Century." - Robert

​"There are some great vegetable dye colours here and a lovely soft pile, as is very common in these Caucasian Rugs. This would be great in a hallway or as an entrance hall rug." - Orlando

18th Century Konya Carpet

"This is rare not just for the colours, but the design as well. The border on this carpet is beautifully simple and has a very witty design." - Robert
"This carpet isn't very big, but packs a punch. It falls into a category of much appreciated yellow ground Konya rugs, that date back to the 17th/18th Century." - Orlando

An Antique Caucasian Dragon Design Rug, circa 1890.

"This is an adaptation of an early design. It is very smart with the dark bands running through, It looks complicated, but not difficult to work with." - Robert
"From the South East Caucus area, this would be particularly good for a drawing room or very smart entrance hall. It would be a great talking point and would fit in an old cosy room, but also somewhere more contemporary." - Orlando
Start With a Rug

"This would have been a family prayer rug. I would hang this to avoid wearing it out. The combination of colours here is brilliant. I would buy this again in a heartbeat." - Robert

"Beautiful example of a Sivas Kilim. It has a wonderful faded vegetable dyes and is very elegant." - Orlando

An Oushak 'Bird' Carpet

"Woven near Selendi, a town in the Oushak region. Interestingly, these carpets began to appear in European Paintings in the mid 16th Century." - Robert

"Great carpet for a family room. The all over design means you can put furniture on it and it won't affect the overall impact." - Orlando

An Indian Amritsar Carpet, Circa 1860

"Known as an 'audience carpet', this is made with a central rectangular carpet, surrounded by runners and carpets at each side. This has fascinating archaic calligraphy and they often have poems weaved around the outside."- Robert

"This would be a good design for a sitting room, having furniture sitting centrally on it won't break up the design." - Orlando

All of these rugs and more are available to purchase through our Ebury Street showroom. Our showroom staff are very happy to speak to you about your requirements, to try and help you find the perfect rug.