In Japanese culture, ‘Chou’ or butterfly symbolises transformation and reincarnation. Butterflies are often used to refer to the celebration of youth and beauty. Samurai warriors also used the butterfly as a motif to describe their lives, transforming to become stronger and fitter, to ‘fly’ higher and to die gracefully.

Material:100% Linen Voile
Width:148 cm - 58 1/4 in
Printed Width:137.5 cm - 54 1/8 in
Pattern Repeat:53 cm - 20 3/4 in
Joining Width:136.5 cm - 53 3/4 in

NOTE: We advise that fabric batches may vary, please request a stock cutting prior to ordering. Most fabrics are in stock, but do check on current availability. Measurements given are approximate. The joining width measurement is based on one join, if you require more than one join please contact us for further information. If you require a cutting outside the UK please email: Copyright © Robert Kime 2020.

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