A mid 17th century Spanish fitted Bargueño with ornate architectural interior, Circa 1650


The bargueño desk originated in Renaissance Spain. The desk was typically made of wood, with sturdy iron handles located on each side, to make transporting it relatively easy. A bargueño could be set down on any solid table, but often had a ready-made support for it: either a taquillón, a chest of drawers in the same material and style as the bargueño; or a pie de puente, a small trestle table. As a general rule, the interior of a bargueño is much more richly decorated than the exterior. Thus a bargueño looking very plain from the exterior will have a reasonably rich and well sculpted interior, while a bargueño with impressive exterior decorations will have a truly ornate and extremely rich interior.

Dimensions:105 W x 42 D x 61 H cm
Retail Price:£12,000

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